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  • How much window replacement cost

    Do you still have wooden windows? Have you ever thought that it’s time to replace them? This is not a tribute to fashion but a rational decision. Residents of apartments and private homes carry out the window replacement with plastic. Those who rush to get rid of wooden structures are tired of the painting surface, annual insulation, and wrapping frames. Remember how hard it is to take care of the wood. It looks beautiful in the first years, but the longer it is used, the worse it seems. You must periodically clean the surface of peeling paint and window companies near me. The wood can swell or dry out, creating cracks and warping. It becomes difficult to close the sashes, and condensation and mold appear on the windows. Lack of airtightness leads to decreased soundproofing. Dust and moisture enter the room, and drafts become commonplace.


    Replacing wooden windows with plastic windows allows you to get rid of many problems.


    1. Attractiveness. PVC structures look beautiful. They can be left white, changed in color, or wrapped in wood film.
    2. Tightness. More dense, reliable.
    3. Do not let in UV rays. Thus, they improve the climate inside the premise and protect furniture from burning and destruction.
    4. It keeps heat in and doesn’t let the cold inside. So you can save on air conditioning and heating systems.
    5. Open in different positions.
    6. Keep gnats and mosquitoes out, thanks to a mosquito net.
    7. Easy to clean and remove dirt.
    8. Long service life.

    Replacing windows in an apartment with plastic windows is more common than in private homes. This is because road dust and city noise are very distracting to residents of apartment buildings. With the help of PVC structures, you can solve the problem of noise isolation. You can hear the shouting, moving motors, and barking dogs with fully closed windows.

    How to order

    Do you think that the price of replacing your windows with plastic windows is beyond your means? You would be wrong. You can order premium and budget profiles; look at the number of chambers. Additions in the form of mosquito nets and anti-vandal locks can be excluded. To save money, some customers do more blank windows, leaving one with the function of ventilation or swinging.

    Whatever you do not choose, it is worth considering that not always excessive savings are justified. For example, suppose you live in an area with freezing winters; putting triple glazing is better. It is more expensive than others, but it will save you from large heating bills. It keeps the heat and does not let the cold into your apartment. If you have animals or small children, you should pay attention to mosquito nets and handles with a unique lock. So you will protect your child from accidental sash opening, and the heavy-duty mosquito nets will not allow your pet to fall out into the street.

    We recommend stipulating the cost of replacement with the masters. Have them inspect the room and the area to advise on your best option. Then, you can agree or offer your own. We are in contact with the customer, providing the most favorable conditions.

    A new plastic profile and double-glazed window in the apartment are convenient, comfortable, and profitable. Wooden frames, unfortunately, quickly wear out and fail; modern PVC profiles will last you several times longer.

    Our company is always at your service. Various organizations carry out repair and replacement of windows with plastic. How to make the right choice:

    • Going against many advertisements, we offer not to save money on glazing! We have only quality glazing and profiles. PVC profiles will last you almost half a century – is it worth saving a small amount of money when you can get quality?
    • A wide range of laminated films allows you to get the profile’s original color, emphasizing the room’s design. Glass can also be different – energy-saving, tinted, fluted, or mirrored.
    • The price of replacement windows on the plastic depends on many factors – size and shape, the type of Glass, and fittings. For your convenience, we have placed a calculator on the site. Do not save money and try to work on repairing the mirror; and it is better to replace scratched or broken windows.

    Our advantages:

    • We work quickly and with high quality. Reliable operation depends on the quality of installation work – we employ professionals with many years of experience.
    • Our masters never leave construction debris behind. After we go, the apartment is clean.
    • We have installed more than one thousand translucent structures in Moscow and nearby cities and have received many positive reviews.
    • Despite the high quality of materials, we maintain low prices. Experience and lack of intermediaries allow us to keep the cost of glazing affordable for everyone.
    • A common problem with new buildings is overly economical frames and insulating glass units. We recommend changing them at once to reliable and qualitative. You can ask our operators about the cost of replacing insulating glass units in plastic windows.

    Quality plastic windows have a lot of advantages. It is most convenient to carry out installation work during the repair of apartments, but if you do not have such plans, do not give up the opportunity to make your home warmer and safer. The work will not take much time and will not interfere with your goals.

    What does the final price depend on?

    A standard PVC window costs about $100 to $200. The spread is quite large, so we’ll examine how the final amount is determined.

    First of all, the cost is influenced by each square meter of the profile. Therefore, during measurement, instead, all the dimensions of the openings are determined. For example, double-paned windows in the kitchen with installation will cost $207, three-paned – $287. These are indicative figures, so the exact amount may be slightly different when ordering.

    When forming the price, the following components are taken into account:

    • Plastic profile. Different profile systems are used during production depending on the brand, manufacturing country, number of chambers, design, etc.
    • Fittings. In this matter, it is better not to save money. It does not matter if you put a plastic balcony window or standard double-glazed windows in the rooms; you should prefer high-quality hardware. German products demonstrate the best performance.
    • The way of opening. The cheapest is considered a deaf product, but it is installed very rarely because of the inconvenience of operation. There is an excellent choice of variants of opening sashes: tilted, rotating, combined, with a possibility of micro ventilation, with a child’s lock or anti-burglary mechanism.
    • Glazing. An energy-saving glass of different thicknesses shows promising results.
    • Assembling. Proper installation guarantees the long service life of your insulating glass unit. Experienced masters will install according to all the rules, adjust the fittings, fix the necessary additions, and, taking into account the peculiarities of the room and type of building, install the slopes and drip moldings.
    • Additional elements. This includes window sills to choose from, soffits, drip moldings, blinds, mosquito nets, and more.
    • Delivery. The price also includes this phase of the work and depends on the customer’s location. The final amount will be higher if the installation is expected out of town in remote areas of the Moscow region.

    How much do plastic windows to the balcony, and what is the final cost of a standard double-glazed window? For more understanding, here are some comparative parameters with the price.

    Double-leaf PVC window in the kitchen 1500×1500 mm:

    • profile: PVC;
    • brand: Rehau;
    • opening type: tilt-turn;
    • handle: Roto;
    • area: 2.25 square meters;
    • cost is approximately $160.

    Three-part construction, which also includes balcony doors:

    • profile: PVC;
    • brand: Rehau;
    • opening type: tilt-turn;
    • handle Roto;
    • area: 3.222 square meters;
    • The approximate price is $255.

    How much does it cost to install plastic windows?

    The installation process consists of some activities:

    At the same time, the cost will differ at each site since a single installation has its characteristics. For example, lifting cumbersome products to the last floor without an elevator is often necessary.

    How are the installation prices formed?

    • Configuration of glass units. First of all, the cost is determined based on the square meter. Installation of a single-wing structure will cost much less than installing windows and doors of balconies and loggias.
    • The complexity of installation. This criterion includes the number of floors of the building, weather conditions, time of year, wall material, and even the age of the house itself.
    • Installation of additional elements. Various platbands, window sills, corners – all this raises the price of the construction and its structure.

    Influence of brands and regions on cost

    There is a big difference between PVC windows of different brands. As a rule, domestic products come out cheaper than imported ones, but the quality of the former is significantly inferior.

    What profile to prefer? Here is a list of the most popular manufacturers you should trust.

    The most well-known brand. It does not matter if you need a plastic balcony door with a window or a standard window construction of two sashes for the kitchen; the products of this brand will last for many years. It is the undisputed leader in the market at the moment. The price range here ranges from $96 to $175 if we’re talking about a regular double sash version.

    The main highlight of the brand is its long service life, which reaches up to 50 years. In addition, the profile of this brand is easy to clean and environmentally friendly, and the hardware is of high quality and stylish design.

    Slightly simpler and more affordable products of this brand are not offered in such a wide range as the above brands. But the cost is also much lower. For example, a standard window in a room will cost about $87. At the same time, this is a Russian brand, and its products meet European quality standards.

    As for the region, there is a difference in price, and quite a substantial one. The thing is that the choice of profile is influenced primarily by weather conditions. So, for example, if you can install a window in the Southern Federal District for $64 in the Far East, it will cost you $144.

    Installation of plastic windows is a service that we offer residents and companies. Our masters have extensive experience allowing them to install constructions quickly and qualitatively. Turning to us, you can order windows installation and loggias and balconies glazing.

    The key to the long service life of PVC and aluminum constructions is the correctness of their installation. Therefore, our experts carry out the installation of plastic windows in full accordance with the approved sequence of work without missing any of the stages. This allows us to prevent any mistakes during installation and not to leave gaps that can cause freezing or blowing of constructions.

    The sequence of installation works

    • The PVC window is installed in the opening closer to the room – in the warm zone. Thanks to this approach, freezing of the window will be excluded.
    • When installing, the frames are required to align vertically and horizontally. To do this, use a construction level. Alignment is necessary to avoid future warping of window sashes and malfunctions of fittings.
    • Drilling holes in the wall of the house to fix the structure. Metal anchors are used to securing the window.
    • It was filling the assembly joint with foam. It penetrates even into small voids, not allowing the freezing of the structure and the passage of wind into the room.
    • Installation of a window sill with preliminary warming by foam and assembly foam.
    • Inspection work. It is necessary to find out if any gaps are formed between the window sill and the frame. I also need to check the level.
    •  We are closing the mounting seam from the street side of the corner and installation of drainage.
    • Waterproofing sealant. This is done to protect the installation foam from the influence of the external environment.
    • Finishing of slopes, their insulation is carried out to prevent freezing.
    • Installation of Glass and sash, check how the fittings work.
    • Finishing works—installation of PVC panels.

    Reasons to order the installation of plastic windows with us

    Our company is a manufacturer of PVC constructions. This allows us to not depend on others, to fulfill customers’ orders in the shortest possible time. In addition, the windows are manufactured using modern equipment. Due to this, we produce high-quality products without warping or other defects.

    We have reasonable prices for the installation of plastic windows. Due to our production of plastic constructions, we do not have to overprice our products. We have all the necessary tools and materials for installation allows us to perform all the work quickly and at a high level.

    Order the installation of plastic windows with us if you are looking for a company that is engaged in the manufacturing and installation of polyvinyl chloride structures. After placing the order, our master will come to you to make measurements and calculate the cost of the service.

    Four signs that the insulating glass unit must be replaced

    Cracked Glass

    Cracked or broken glass is a common problem. It is prevalent on ground floors and in private homes. Our masters will be able to replace the insulating glass unit in the shortest possible time. It is imperative in cold seasons. 

    2. Condensation appears

    Condensation can form on the pane from the street side, room side, or inside the insulating glass unit. The latter case is the most complicated. Moisture collection in the chamber indicates the depressurization of the window. Therefore, it is better to replace the insulating glass unit in such a situation. 

    3. Noise and heat insulation properties have deteriorated.

    When the glass pane does not provide enough protection from outside noise and allows cold air into the house, it must be replaced. You can choose the double-glazed window with energy-saving or ordinary Glass, but with an increased number of chambers. 

    4. You want to change your design.

    You can easily replace ordinary Glass with colored or tinted glass. You can choose colored Glass or coat it with polymer film in a particular shade. Install the package with the new formula.

    Before installing the new insulating glass unit, it is necessary to dismantle the old one.

    Types of double-glazed windows for replacement

    Any glazing unit presented in the catalog can be made according to the size and shape of a sash: arched, oval, round, etc. In addition, a customer chooses all other characteristics of Glass – type and thickness of Glass, number of chambers, and type of surface (mirror or tinted).

    Two-chamber windows. 

    They are more heat-efficient than single-chamber models. This is because they have three panes and two chambers filled with air or gas layers.


    Allows to protect elements of an interior and furniture from burning under the influence of sunlight, to prevent glare on displays of PC monitors and TV sets in the daytime—an excellent solution for office environments. The degree of tinting may vary from 5-50%.

    Heat saving

    The Glass in such packages has a special coating that reflects the energy to its source. As a result, ultraviolet radiation has reflected on the street, and heat from the batteries to the room. This increases the energy efficiency of the windows, allowing you to save on air conditioning in hot weather and heating in the cold.


    Reflect light from the sun and UV rays, reducing room heating. Allow you to hide your personal life from prying eyes.

    With triplex glass.

    Such glass units provide excellent noise insulation. A high-strength film is placed inside the laminated Glass in such a system. In addition, the glass unit has anti-shock properties – if you damage the Glass, the shards will remain on the film but not crumble.

    On PVC windows and balcony doors

    Measurements of Glass are taken in millimeters. The customer decides on the type and size of the construction, and then the production begins. To manufacture, deliver, remove the old and install the new product, you need 1-7 days. The term is affected by the configuration of the construction.

    The glass unit is replaced in stages:

    • remove plastic glazing beads;
    • take out the damaged glazing unit;
    • clean the frame, install and align the insulating glass unit using pads;
    • put glazing beads back in their place, and check the functionality of the window system.
    • Signing the agreement on the acceptance of work and providing a warranty card.
    On aluminum windows and other structures

    Measurements are made in the same way as in plastic profiles. The difference lies in the replacement procedure. First, remove the rubber seal, the glazing beads, and the unit itself. Then, installation of the new construction is carried out in reverse order.

    In conservatories and the case of facade glazing with aluminum profiles, glazing bars are not used. Therefore, glazing units are repaired from the street side, and either industrial climbers or special machines are involved.

    On wooden windows

    It is a very labor-intensive process. Silicone sealant keeps the Glass in place, and wooden glazing beads are glued to the frame. The glazing beads are removed as carefully as possible when dismantling the glazing unit. After that, the layer of sealant, which fixes the glazing unit, is cut off. Next, the surface is cleaned, and the package is flattened using straightening plates. Finally, glazing beads are fixed with sealant.